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How the FBI is seemingly declaring a war among the Black people

HOW-THE-FBI-IS-SEEMINGLYHow the FBI is seemingly declaring a war among the Black people

By Kathrina Tiangco

It is quite alarming how in today’s modern society Black people continue to experience oppression and not only from the hands of white supremacists but from the people who are sworn to protect the US citizens particularly the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. Under the leadership of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the bureau apparently seems to enjoy harassing Black people.

While there isn’t any clear proof of having an organized movement among the FBI, the bureau has tagged Black people who are fighting for injustice and equality as being Black Identity Extremists and pose a democratic threat to policemen. FBI and police officials seem to focus more on the African American citizen who is continuously protesting for his right.

   An FBI document was leaked online which shows the links of Black Identity Extremists with threats to police officers. The document became viral when Foreign Policy magazine published it online. The Black Lives Matter was mentioned in the file but the organization’s link to anti-police violence was not clearly established.

The mere fact that the FBI is insinuating and calling Black Identity Extremists as domestic terrorists is the same as declaring war on the Black people in America. When is fighting for human rights, social injustice, and anti-violence related to terrorism?

Instead of focusing on the real threat such as white supremacists and violent attacks, FBI and police officers choose to focus their attention and energy towards the Black Identity Extremists, a movement that clearly does not exist. It’s appalling how the authorities are treating the Black people in the US.

In a report written by Andrew Cohen for New York University, he clearly cites that there is no Black Identity Extremists and it only exists in the minds of the Trump administration. The current government is trying to make the US citizens believe that Black people are keen on attacking policemen.

There is literally no evidence or statistical data to back their claims. The Black Identity Extremist is a racist act in itself and suggests that an African American citizen who has an issue with the law enforcement is suspected of being a Black Identity Extremist.

Based on Sam Fulwood III, a journalist from states that the Trump administration is making a criminal of people with color in order to protect the police officials from criticism and at the same time, win the votes of the white voters.


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