Firefighter/Paramedic Air Force Technical Sergeant home from tour of duty in Afghanistan

Silk-returnsFirefighter/Paramedic Air Force Technical Sergeant home from tour of duty in Afghanistan

Deputy Fire Chief  Timothy C. Heiser Public Information Officer

Last week, firefighter/paramedic Stefanie Silk returned home from her deployment in Afghanistan.

Firefighter Silk, while serving as a Technical Sergeant deployed in Bagram Air base in Afghanistan, provided munitions for military aircraft, and endured many of the hardships of going to war.

Silk experienced 22 rocket attacks, some landing as close as 200 feet from where she was located. She stated that this was also the “quiet season,” the fighting season is during the summer.

Silk had the opportunity to use the paramedic skills acquired while working as a firefighter/paramedic for the City of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. She volunteered at the hospital that cared for Americans, local nationals, and “enemies of peace.” She observed and treated many patients with gunshot wounds, IED blast injuries, amputations, and other medical conditions.

Silk also took the initiative to put together advanced first aid kits for the Munitions area for preparation in the event there was an injury during an attack.

We here at Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue are very pleased to have Technical Sergeant Silk switch her role back to Firefighter /Paramedic Silk, and are extremely proud of her service and the service of all those in the military.


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