First Black Lady President?

By Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting 

     He said:  Please imagine an unfortunate fate for our new President Biden, getting the Covid-19 virus? Now we have a new accession to the Presidency, a Black Female. How do you think segments of our country would react?

    She said: Ahh, interesting question! For the record, I’d rather Joe stay safe and Kamala be elected the normal way in 2024! To your point, I don’t see how the country could be any more divided than it is already if Kamala had to take the helm in that scenario.

One segment of the population would be dancing in the streets, after a suitable period of mourning for Joe. The “Proud Boys” heads would explode, as they’re on the verge of doing even now. Old White men are already angry, so nothing new there.

In the middle ground, I sense there’s a certain faction of voters who don’t just care which person occupies the Oval Office as long as their pet issues are addressed. They might not even be racists. I think some people held their noses to vote for Trump because of his campaign promises about jobs and the economy, and now manage to ignore that he’s a raging lunatic!

What is your take, Don?

He said: Let us take this fictional leap further and President Harris has to

select a Vice President and she asks Stacy Abrams to join her as the Vice President. The racist “Boogaloo Boys” and their ilk would lose their minds. An all-Black female executive White house?

She said: As an ardent feminist I would be dancing in the streets. That would be funny since most White girls can’t dance [LOL]!

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