Flight Delays in April due to snow

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Flight Delays in April due to snow

Destini Webster, FAMU Broadcast Journalism Student

“Your flight has been delayed”, could just slightly frustrate anyone. “ Your flight has been delayed and we are unsure when the next one will be available,” is a statement that could ruin anyone’s entire day and trip.

While many were enjoying perfect weather with no flight interruptions over this past weekend, unfortunately there were some who cannot say the same.

Dozens of flights were delayed departing New York City’s airports, due to the unforeseen weather incidents.

“It all started with a slight delay of thirty minutes, which turned into an hour, and then into six hours,” says Roshunda Gilford, resident of Florida.  “All I wanted to do was get home”.

Dozens of airline services had many delays due to the weather impacting different airports across the mid-eastern and eastern areas of the North. New York City’s, JFK and LaGuardia airports were filled with frustrated and hungry patrons seeking answers for the delays. While New York experience showers of rain, other areas experienced snow, which caused the delay of airplanes to reach the New York City area.

“My family and I were supposed to be in Miami right now. We have been here since eight o’clock this morning and we are told we may fly out at six but there is no guarantee,” says Jessica Williams.

American Airlines provided their customers with snack bars filled with cookies, chips, juice, and water to help assist with everyone being hungry. Although the snack bars did not make the planes arrive any earlier, it did prevent customers from having to purchase expensive terminal food.

Lines of people filled the walkways and hallways as everyone desperately tried to charge their multiple devices. The flight re-booking line was outrageous as everyone was trying to seek a way out.

“I flew here this weekend from Florida to hang out with friends, never in a million years would I think I would be stuck here six plus hours just to catch a flight home. I have had to do so much to make accommodations to get home” states Guilford.

Customer service representatives for dozens of flights remained cool, calm, and collected as they assisted customers on the best options on getting to their destinations.  American airlines staff member Jose Roberto says, “We understand that its stressful to deal with a delayed flight, but we are not in control of the weather, so all we can do is ensure that everyone is safe and that we get them to where they need to be”.

Lines grew shorter and planes begin to fill with people after hours of delays. Although it took majority of the day, flights begin getting on course later in the evening, which brightened many moods. This was not one of the worst delays to occur in New York City, but definitely an unexpected one in the middle of April. With summer approaching, New Yorkers are wishing for the snow and cold weather to go away.

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