Florida nurse receives patent for a unique line of Medi-Pajama Pants

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Yordia Morrison

Florida nurse receives patent for a unique line of Medi-Pajama Pants

On November 14, 2017, Yordis Morrison, a Florida-based Registered Nurse, was issued a patent for a unique line of medi-pajamas pants. Designed to protect patient’s body privacy and restore dignity in short and long-term care settings, Mijamaz by Yor is a fresh alternative to the traditional unisex hospital gowns used throughout the country. According to Morrison, Mijamaz has the potential to decrease post-hospital syndrome.

Mijamaz a unisex hospital gowns used throughout the country.

“I was inspired to create this line of apparel after my mother, who is now deceased; was diagnosed with breast cancer, which led to frequent hospitalizations,” said Morrison. “On many occasions when I visited my mom, most of her body was exposed, even the most private parts. She was, of course, wearing the traditional oversized, one-size-fits-all hospital gown that is open in the back, and secured by four pieces of string.”

Like Morrison’s mother, many patients receiving care in a hospital or other treatment facility are not only too weak to do anything about their nakedness, but often experience too much pain to care or lack the cognition to recognize their body privacy is compromised.

Studies show that having their body privacy repeatedly compromised adds psychological stress to patients already experiencing a substantial amount of physiological stress and mentally challenging situations. Thanks to regulations like HIPAA, hospitals do an excellent job protecting patients’ informational privacy, but they seem helpless in finding an ideal garment that provides caregivers accessibility to the body, can easily be removed in a medical emergency, while also providing adequate body coverage for the patients.

     Mijamaz gives patients and caregivers the best of both worlds. The patented garment looks like a regular pair of pajama pants and could be worn while lounging in one’s home. It can be easily removed without compromising patient safety or the integrity of the garment and accommodates the wide array of invasive medical and orthopedic appliances many patients wear while receiving short and longterm  care.

In addition to the pants, Mijamaz will release a complimentary pajama shirt later this year, with patent currently pending.

The private line of medi-pajama will be available exclusively online later this year to start but will soon be available in hospital gift shops, medical supply stores, drug stores, and other retailers.

For more information contact Yordis Morrison at nursesofftheclock@gmail.com.


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