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Forget Feminism

Forget Feminism

By Maria Carrie

     My friends and I agree on many things but there is one thing in which we disagree. While many of them want a man that will equally share the tasks of family life and finances.  I am of the mindset that equality is overrated! Call me traditional, call me old-fashioned, call me Johnson’s daughter (cuz maybe that’s where my ideas originate) but I want a man to take care of me… totally!

    As a woman I believe I am entitled to all the care and pampering a man can offer. Let him provide a home for me. Let him put food on the table. Let him put clothes on my back! Sure I can do all of that for myself; but that’s the point…why should I if I have him? In my thinking, the whole purpose of male/female relationships is symbiotic.

    We give them what they need and they give us what we need! When I don’t have to concern myself with budgets and bills and deadlines, I can focus on cooking, and cleaning and caretaking. And let’s face it, women are going to do the majority, if not ALL, of those tasks anyway. So why not focus our energy on just that, rather than that and everything else. While we were busy fighting to wear the pants in the house, we never gave up the skirt.

    How many women are tired, drained and depleted at the end of a long workday, followed by childcare, housekeeping and cooking? Only to be faced with one more person’s needs we have to meet before we can close our eyes for the night and wake up to do it all again tomorrow.                        

What kind of living is that? And while we do it all, our men are still simply wearing the pants and never attempting (or desiring) to try on our skirts. No wonder many have the energy remaining to engage in “extracurricular” activities.

    So ladies, I say trade in those pants, keep on your skirts and tie on an apron. Let them worry about the finances, bills and budget. And we can catch up on our beauty sleep. So that when he comes home exhausted after a long, hard day at work, we can welcome him with a clean house, a home cooked meal and even a fresh baked “cookie” for dessert!

    Come on… you don’t really expect that do you? began as a blog on Jan. 1, 2013. It is dedicated to feeding the mind, healing the heart, and elevating the spirit. While, most of us strive to be down to earth, now it’s time to be down to mars! So, take a moment to visit the site and explore the mind of marsgryl-© marsgyrl 


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