Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Launches FLLibrary

By Vincent Jones Jr., Intern, FAMU

      Air travel continues to increase from year to year.  The Federal Aviation Administration reports that on average nearly 2.7 million passengers will choose air flights and will visit airports across the United States and abroad.  For many travelers, flying on an airplane is the most efficient way to get to and from their destinations.  Although airlines do their best to provide attractive flight schedules with minimal delays and lay overs, many frequent flyers find themselves spending many hours in local airports.  In an era where every industry is challenged with customer dissatisfaction and increasing pressures to create a more positive customer experience, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has as a part of its expansion plan created opportunities for their air passengers to dine, shop and now enjoy amenities provided through a partnership with Broward County Libraries.

On June 12th, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and the Broward County Libraries Division officially launched their first installment of the FLLibrary. This innovative creation is the first of its kind and offers travelers a new way to enjoy their flight experience . Located at Terminal 3 , the FLLibrary is equipped with a plush seating area along with a QR code that allows travelers to sign up for an instant E-Card with immediate access to commercial free music and movie streaming services. In addition to streaming, travelers are able to download up to 6 songs and 3 movies while in the air. The Broward County Libraries continue to meet the ever changing needs of their customers in ways that their competition cannot. The Broward County Libraries offer the largest library system in the state by building square footage and Broward County residents have shown to value and love these buildings. Their media selection has increased over 38 percent and with the addition of the FLLibrary it is set to increase even more.

Director of the Broward County Libraries Division, Kelvin Watson, was ecstatic about the launch and the endless possibilities that come along with it.

“It will provide an opportunity to people from all walks of life to access library resources without having to go to a physical library. When you are going through the airport, there are now so many things you can do while you wait, and it is all free for visitors, residents, staff, everybody. It was a collaboration built on an idea that we and the Aviation Department built upon; it was without a doubt a team effort”.

The Broward County FLLibrary is the first airport-library partnership of its kind. Having a place to recharge your devices and relax in between flights is absolutely essential. The FLLibrary will serve as an attraction for travelers coming from out of town as well as residents from right here in Broward County.

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