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Peter Traceit the Street Detective

In a crowded race with six candidates vying for the district five school board seat, the president of the Fort Lauderdale chapter of the NAACP, Marsha Ellison, was not gun shy in bringing them all forward to spell out their platforms and answer some very tough questions around critical race theory, the controversial PROMISE program, Don’t Say Gay legislation, and whether they support the Referendum that the Broward School Board will  placed before voters this August.

But, might there be a seventh candidate?

Senator Rosalind Osgood was on camera, front and center for the entire debate. And she got about as much face time as the six official candidates. After every question and answer from the six candidates, Oz chimed in giving her expertise as a former School Board District 5 representative. Of course, the six candidates kissed the ring of Oz, though she has not publicly endorsed anyone for the seat she vacated. A participant in the chat noted that Oz was on her phone texting during the meeting and alluded that she was communicating with a particular candidate to prep answers.

Not sure if this was an opportunity for Oz to stay in front of voters or maybe she is homesick. She now has an opponent in her Senate race, one that she did not expect. According to Oz, Pat Williams affirmed to her earlier this year that she would not be running for the Senate seat. But, Pat asserts that it is a woman’s privilege to change her mind by her recent filing for to run for the Senate seat.

Oz’s appearance on Zoom with the other candidates was met with mixed reviews. Some were glad to see her and hear her expertise and others questioned her continued presence in district five education spaces.

Could it be that Oz is homesick?

There is still time for the woman to change her mind.

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