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“Founders of Relay For Life in the 33311 Community”

Worshipping with New Mount Olive at Worship Unscripted Service.
Back row:  Mr. Robert Strong, Dr. Hamilton, Mrs. Margaret Haynie-Birch. Front Row:  Mrs. Helen Holmes and Mrs. Maggie Curry (seated).

“Founders of Relay For Life in the 33311 Community”


The inception of Relay for Life was conceptualized by Vice President Dr. Edwin Hamilton in 1992.  Dr. Hamilton along with other prominent members of the predominantly African American community, presented the concept of Relay for Life to members of the American Cancer Society.  The board accepted the concept of Relay for Life in 1992 and the vision was born.  Relay for Life became Carter Park’s first fundraising healthcare awareness program to service the predominantly African American Community.

Based on 20years of research and information, Dr. Hamilton observed that African Americans are dying of cancer at a higher rate than any other race.  Lack of knowledge, late diagnosis and non-treatment of cancer diagnosis within the African American Community is killing us at an alarming rate.  As a community, we should strive to become proactive instead of reactive when it comes to our health care management. Relay for Life’s mission is to seek participation, donations from the communities, and to educate the residents of Ft. Lauderdale for a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

Join us May 18, 2018 at   6 p.m. thru May 19, 2018 6  a.m. at Carter Park (formally Sunland Park) as we continue to strive for a healthier community.

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