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By Frankie Red Rosso

Co-Founders and Owners of Curvy Ventures – Juan Garcia & Maria Giugno at Masquerade

With such a fat-shaming society we live in, there has always been a negative stigma attached to plus men and women— to feel comfortable in their own skin…especially when publicly enjoying themselves. This feeling of unacceptance and the negative stigma creates social anxiety and oftentimes, can even lead to depression. Imagine not wanting to put on a bathing suit, simply out of fear of what others may say. Having this very dilemma in mind, is exactly why Curvy Ventures Plus-Size Events was created!

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Curvy Ventures takes an entire new approach to size-acceptance. Their slogan: “Living Life at ANY Size”, speaks volumes to their movement. They are one of the fastest growing Plus Size Travel and Entertainment companies in the Size Acceptance community; dedicated to empowering the Plus Size Community by offering their clients new and exciting adventures with unforgettable memories.

This is all encouraged in an environment of acceptance & inclusion known as a “Bash”— a weekend-long hotel takeover of events; with attendees who are referred to as “Bashers.” The entire hotel is accommodated exclusively for the event and guarded by security to ensure safety and exclusivity of the experience.

Host Frankie Red & Event Coordinator Kat Marrero at Masquerade Ball

“Our goal was to create an event for everyone to feel welcomed in a SAFE space. We realized the need for events that catered and represented US. That’s why we put all this together— it’s all about and FOR the community,” said Owner and Founder Maria Christina Gignuo when asked about her driving force behind creating Curvy Ventures.

Whereas society may label and “fat-shame” these individuals, Curvy Ventures creates an atmosphere and culture of body-positivity and inclusion, for all body types to feel comfortable, SAFE, and party care-free at any size. Partying just gets so old and mundane, but this event group is dedicated to bringing creative memorable weekends- with fun dress-up themes such as “Day in The Jungle” and exciting innovative concepts like a nighttime “Neon Pool Party”.

The weekend is always full of unforgettable experiences and parties that leave Bash-goers wanting more and feeling like they fit right in— I’m talking full figured, obese, and everything in between with no shame in their curvy game! These men and women were so comfortable in their skin, it was mesmerizing and inspiring to witness. With over 300 attendees from all over the country and Canada, there is someone from every walk of life at Bash.

“This was my first Curvy Bash and it was one for the books! I wasn’t able to participate in all the activities, but baby— the ones that I did I had a blast! The new friends I made, the warm welcome and hanging out with the Curvy Gang was just what I needed to finish off my birthday month”, said Jaycee Crownstayson— one of Curvy Ventures Bashers, whose also a plus-size model and South Florida Native.

As a Curvy woman myself, it has been my greatest honor to Host the weekend- series of Pool Parties and nightlife events for now four straight years. Every Bash, I find myself partying like an actual rock-star with complete and total strangers. People from all over the United States at that. It’s truly a melting pot of cultures and distinct backgrounds that come together to celebrate their bodies.

Though we all have insecurities, one of mine has always been my body and ensuring it’s always my version of perfect. I would look and stare at my belly fat in pure disgust and tell myself “How could I let myself go like this?” But after being around all these confident bombshells, I realized this was simply a me problem. Whatever you want to fix, is for YOU to enjoy and/or hate; NOT for others.

This was the very message encapsulated in every theme at Curvy Ventures Spring Bash. Bashers walked around without a care in the world of what people thought or felt about them, regardless of their plus-sizes and shapely bodies. That was so empowering!

There was a sense of ownership and confidence that exuded from these party-goers and that’s all thanks to the safehaven they provide for each other at these getaway parties. So often we see picture-perfect bodies on tv, magazines, and other mediums- we fail to recognize what  ACTUAL, REAL, EVERYDAY bodies look like. Or on the other extreme of that, we forget that BBW’s and BBM’s exist and are human beings just like us. It’s not like everyday we have a new Monique, Melissa McCarthy or Rebel Wilson on the scene. So to be in a place for a full weekend with men and woman of all shapes and sizes appreciating and uplifting each other all while “turning-up” with no shame was a beautiful sight to see.

Curvy Ventures Foam Pool Party hosted at The Rodeway Inn in Fort Lauderdale

Everyone is always so inviting, so unified, so loving, and show each other so much love. With every day and night being a nonstop party and celebration, this event is sure to take a toll on ya. If the endless food, drinks, snacks, and parties don’t get cha….then that scorching South Florida Sun will. This is definitely an event where the music never stops and the fun never ends.

Basher Danielle Gregory from Oklahoma said, “Future Basher advice: take the whole dam week off after. I’m still not 100% days later; but it was 100% worth it!” Sound advice from someone who has “been there— done that…the Curvy Ventures way!

With no judgement of their size, shape, body, or looks; this event group truly dedicates its time to ensuring attendees feel welcomed and embrace their bodies, despite society’s judgment or dissatisfaction and welcomes any and all who believe in this inclusive mindset and ideology.

Curvy Ventures aims to help motivate, uplift, and empower the curvy community by hosting plus size parties & trips to amazing and exotic destinations and offering weekend bashes throughout the United States. The company wants their customers to understand that beauty is not only about being comfortable in your own skin, but also about knowing and accepting who you are! For more information or to purchase tickets to their Summer Mini-Bash August 12-13th, visit

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