Fugitive tests positive for marijuana before fleeing the country

DEBORAH-PETERSONFugitive tests positive for marijuana before fleeing the country

By Jimmie Davis, Jr.

After being arrested for vehicular homicide in the deaths of Deborah G. Peterson and James Carr – Daniela Torres was given a bond with conditions of reporting to a Pretrial Services Program to remain drug and alcohol free – but the thing is she tested positive for marijuana before fleeing the country to Brazil.

According to the State’s Discovery on page #3, statements 12 and 13 reads: (12) That after conducting an interview with the witness Stephen Samuels, Sergeant J. R. Wigfall removed the defendant (Daniela Torres) from Trooper Assaroupe’s vehicle in order to conduct an interview. (13) After allowing the defendant (Daniela Torres) to relieve herself in the woods off the locus quo, Sergeant Wig-fall escorted her to his vehicle to conduct his questioning.

Now the possibility exists that when the State Trooper al-lowed her to, “relieve herself in the woods” – she had the prime opportunity to stash any drugs that she may have had in her possession.

To make matters worse Torres failed to report to court on numerous occasions, which automatically violated her probation, and by law she was sup-posed to be taken into custody as soon as her urine samples showed up dirty.

Furthermore, once she didn’t show up for court the Judge was supposed to order a bench warrant for her arrest.

“Daniela Torres tested positive for weed,” said Attorney Diego Asencio on Saturday at the Pat Larkins Community Center located in Pompano Beach during a forum entitled “A Mother’s Cry for Justice” to raise awareness in the com-munity about the tragic death of Peterson and  Carr.                                   “The court did nothing and was supposed to take her pass-port – but it didn’t.”

The door was open for Torres to hop a plane to Brazil, where she’s now living as a fugitive, because the case has been botched by the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office.

The treachery began when Torres left the All Stars Sports Bar & Grill located at 2201 W. Sample Rd. in Pompano Beach with blood alcohol content nearly twice the level at which Florida drivers are presumed impaired, and then beyond belief she got in her dad’s Saab and drove along Interstate 95 and slammed into the back of Carr’s sedan, causing it to flip.

Even though Florida High-way Patrol (FHP) Trooper Eula Brown told her superiors that she smelled alcohol coming from Torres – she wasn’t arrested until several months later.

A third passenger Calvin Baggs was in the car and survived to tell of the gruesome event. “I was busted up really good, and I saw blood all over Deborah and James,” said Baggs as tears dripped from his eyes while at the podium during the forum. “I knew if I would have closed my eyes I would surely die. So I called on Jesus.”

It’s not easy to talk about death especially when it’s your only child, but that’s what Martha Wright has been doing by starting the Deborah G. Peterson Foundation to help the less fortunate and raise funds to get the legal support to extradite Torres from Brazil.

“I’m not going to stop until Torres gets extradited,” said Wright. “We are going after the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office to get the truth about what occurred.”

State Representative Perry Thurston is very familiar with the legal matters of this case, because he’s a criminal lawyer by trade that’s also a candidate running for Attorney General.

“As the next Attorney General I will work with the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office to get Torres back to serve justice,” said Thurston. “It’s very unfortunate that they didn’t take her passport away.” The Deborah G. Pterson Foundation, Inc. presented an event ‘a Mother’s Cry for Justice’ which was held at the E. Pat Larkins Community Center on Saturday, June 14, 2014.


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