GAGUT: The Theorem of Everything

Alexander Speid

By Alexander Speid

Part Two

GAGUT has been re-viewed by the American and European Mathematical Societies (AMS and EMS) and has been successfully defended by Professor Oyibo against challengers from all over the world during the GAGUT GLOBAL SERIES OF LECTURES in 2004, hosted by the Nigerian National University Commission (NUC). As a consequence of the GAGUT GLOBAL SERIES OF LECTURES AND THE MOST RIGOROUS GLOBAL SCRUTINY AND CRITIC, CHALLENGE AND EVALUATION OF GAGUT FOR OVER 30 DAYS resulted in the global conclusion and recognition that GAGUT includes all known equations with a solution (including the solutions to the Yang-Mills Equations, the Navier Stokes Equations, Riemann Hypothesis and the other 4 Clay Math’s Toughest Math Problems together with all other mathematics and non-mathematics problems, which have all been solved exactly by GAGUT ). GAGUT was certified as having earned all-academic and all intellectual prizes past, present and future infallibly, a conclusion that has been echoed globally including in the Russian Daily News in 2018.

The Russian Daily News (from the Kremlin/President Vladmir Putin) summarized that GAGUT contains all of mathematics infallibly and has the solutions to all mathematics problems and all problems in general infallibly.

In a documentary by Step-hen Hawking: “A brief history of time,” he used science and religion to explain time and space. Because he was a recognizable name in science, people naturally took some truth to his words. There is a notion that if GOD exist, there would be no possibility that he would allow a creature into GOD’S mind to see how the universe was created.

GAGUT is infallible: “However, it was revealed to me from GOD and it was no mistake since GOD makes no mistakes”, Professor Oyibo stated. “When GOD gives you the truth, it’s very clear, demonstrated by an infallible truth that needs no faith, or second opinion. It is clear to you without question and is real. Everything that is real is created by GOD.”

Oyibo began discovering and encountering solutions to difficult mathematics problems at the age of thirteen, through punishment for mis-behaving in class. He was instructed to do mathematical computations without a calculator and, instead, by hand. After the third attempt, Oyibo discovered the formula/equation for adding integers from 1 to a final number “n” which is (n/2)*(n+1) and showed the formula/equation to his discipline teacher, who was taken aback by his discovery. The discipline teacher explained to Oyibo that he, a then 13 year old boy, had just discovered the formula/equation for ad-ding integers from one to a final number “n” which is (n/2)*(n+1), a formula first discovered by Professor Carl Friedrich Gauss and which helped in propelling him to be recognized as one of the top three greatest mathematicians of all time before GAGUT.

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