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Go with the flow

By Lucius Gantt

I don’t care too much for the phrase “Go with the flow”. It sort of reminds me of “tow the line”, “stick with the program”, “follow the crowd” or another phrase which I don’t like, “don’t rock the boat”!

Anyway, I recently came across a friend of mine by accident on Facebook. This friend of mine and I were teenaged high school classmates a long, long, long time ago and had not seen each other or spoke to each other for many decades.

My friend felt I wanted to hook up again, so to speak, get things cracking, get things popping and resurrect the little puppy-like feelings we might have had as children.

The friend made it clear that now they were more mature, somewhat conservative and super reserved for good reasons.

So they insisted we slow down a minute and just go with the flow.

Of course, I wasn’t really wanting to go out like that. I wanted to expedite things regardless of how those things turned out, good or bad!

My friend and I agreed to always remain friends no matter what. We said what we had to say and kept it moving!

The only way I’ll go with the flow is when I know or I feel the flow is going in the right direction.

When the flow gets dangerous, when the flow gets scary, when the flow might jeopardize your job, your status, your health, your security or your game, some people decide to run away from the flow!

But be careful with that strategy. If the flow is the truth, you can run but you can’t hide!

The Biblical Jonah was sort of a jack-legged preacher that was going with the Godly flow at one time. The Lord told Jonah to go to the town Ninevah and “cry against it” because Ninevah was a bad place. It was wicked, it was evil and a lot of devilish things were going on there. Ninevah was like a modern day South Central, a Bankhead, a Liberty City, a Frenchtown, or a housing project wherever you live!

Instead of doing what he was told, the wimpy preacher made a run for the sea. He went to catch a boat to get out of “Dodge” to keep from going to Ninevah because he was weak and afraid.

To make the story short, Jonah’s presence on the boat caused a storm that nearly tore the ship to pieces! To save the ship and the other mariners, it was decided to throw Jonah into the sea.

Shortly after Jonah hit the water the ship was saved and Jonah was swallowed by a whale and he stayed in the whale’s belly for three days!

God saved that preacher punk Jonah from the whale and Jonah eventually did what he was instructed to do. He went to Ninevah and spread the truth about the Lord.

African Americans should be careful. Don’t run to devilish politicians and political parties because someone suggests you should go with the flow.

Stay in your neighborhood, work to improve it and don’t be so quick to run to satan’s suburbs just because that’s where the flow is. Don’t run to a certain school, a certain church or a certain lifestyle just because other people are doing it in the name of going with the flow!

The only flow you need to go with is the flow of the truth!

My friend and I decided it will be the truth that will take us where we want to go because that street flow can take you anywhere and who wants to be swallowed up by a hood whale? (Buy Gantt’s latest book, Beast Too: Dead Man Writing on Amazon.com and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at www.allworldconsultants.net. And, if you want to, “Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)

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