God Bless The Westside Gazette Newspaper: 50 Years and Counting

Charles Moseley

 By Charles Moseley

Before there was an internet, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, believe or not, people relied on newspapers as their major source of information.

As a matter of fact, it was 50 years ago when a young 38-year-old Levi Henry, Jr., along with his late wife Yvonne, had the audacity to launch the Westside Gazette Newspaper, to provide  news for Broward County’s Black community. This alternative news source specifically targeted the interest and culture of African Americans.

Fifty years later- “WHO KNEW?” The Westside Gazette Newspaper is still STANDING – “PLEADING OUR CAUSE & CONNECTING OUR PEOPLE SINCE 1971.”

The Westside Gazette has the unique distinction of being Broward County’s Oldest and Largest African American Owned and Operated Newspaper, also serving Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

Today the paper is still one of South Florida’s most valuable treasures operating under the capable hands of Publisher, Bobby R. Henry, Sr. along with sisters Elizabeth aka Dee, Pam, Sonia, and Carma Lynn; sons – Bobby Jr., Broderick and Byler; niece – Tawanna Taylor and daughter-in-law, Arriale. Dorothy Dillard aka Aunt Dot, now retired, handled and shared the receptionist duties since the paper began.

Ironically, February is Black History Month which appropriately marks 50 years and counting for this iconic Black institution.

As South Florida celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Westside Gazette, tens of thousands of South Floridians owe a debt of gratitude to this Black institution and the Henry family for their dedicated work and service to South Floridians.

Congratulation on your Happy 50th. God Bless the Westside Gazette Newspaper. May you continue to shine a light on people of color throughout South Florida for many years to come.

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