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Got honor

Got honor

Got honor

Got honor

By marsgyrl

    Do you have honor?

    Most of us would be quick to say: “Yes!”

    But do you?

    There was a time when a simple handshake sealed a deal, now even the most intricate legal contract fails to provide the surety that both parties will follow through. We have become a litigious society simply because we are a people with no honor! We don’t want to keep our word about anything. We don’t want to take responsibility for anything. We don’t want to stand by anything.

    Our word has become valid only for the amount of time it takes us to form a new one. Why? Because somewhere along the way we forgot what honor is OR we never learned. To have honor means you will do what you say. Period. It’s not dependent on your feelings. You may not feel like doing what you said. Maybe you’re tired or you changed your mind. Maybe what seemed like a good idea at the time, suddenly doesn’t. Maybe the person you gave your word to pissed you off! While all of these are certainly valid feelings, they are irrelevant factors in the execution of honor. The solution is not to break your word. The solution is to think more carefully the next time you give it!

    When there is no honor, there is no virtue.          

    When there is no virtue, there is no morality.

    When there is no morality, there is no order.

    When there is no order, there is CHAOS!

    Look around at our society, this is about as close to chaos as you can get.

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