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Grief is like a journey

Rosalind-PinderGrief is like a journey

By Rosalind Pinder

      Sometimes we never think that we are ready for death to cross our path, but as my mother would say, keep living. Often when it does happen in our life, a support group is needed to share each other feelings and deal with the grief that you’re going through.

Pinder Bereavement After-care grief ministry is a social support group that offers sup-port and friendship in a warm atmosphere to grieving individuals who have lost love ones. In the group you get to listen and share with each other with patience and understanding. When grief begin individuals begin to experience a variety of feelings and emotions, whether death is sudden or expected.

As a funeral director, I consult with families before, during and sometimes after a funeral. After the funeral, soon the phone stops ringing, family, friends slowly stop coming around, and that’s  when you are left alone. When you are grieving, it’s important to take care of yourself but sometimes you need to be reminded when you attend a group that you are not alone. At first it may be difficult for individuals to reach out to support groups, but some find it a place where one could continue to grieve openly with others who share pain.

This service is free to anyone in the community, and is greatly needed.

Grief is like a journey. In life you never get over it. But you learn how to get through it.”God didn’t promise days without tears and pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.”

This social support is free of charge contact us at Donations are accepted.


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