Growing Small Business in Tallahassee, Florida

Growing Small Business in Tallahassee, Florida

Destini Webster, FAMU Broadcast Journalism Student

Starting any business is never easy, but sisters Tiffany Quach and Alisha Tran decided to take the risk back in 2015. Luxury nail salon, Bellezza Beauty Bar, opened its doors in February of 2015, being one of the two businesses on the block at the new Luxe location. Things have definitely changed since the grand opening of the business with Tallahassee college town growing around it.

“I can remember when we were the only ones here, outside trying to lure customers in and now we have moments where we have to turn customers away because we are too busy, ” says Alisha.

Bellezza Beauty Bar strives to be a modern luxury salon for an affordable price. The shop is definitely a powerhouse with over three hundred nail colors, dozens of acrylic powder, array of pedicures, cosmetic services, and alteration services available. Their staff of ten is all licensed and trained professionals, each having multiple skillsets that add to the team.

“I wanted to make sure I could provide any and everything to the everyday young college girl in a one stop shop,” says Tiffany.

Tiffany and Alisha had an extensive selection process during the hiring of their employees. The main component to them for the company was to ensure that all of their employees were professional, highly skilled, and relatable.

“In regards to my employees, I wanted them to all be different so that we would never have to turn anyone away because someone in the shop would know how to perform the service.”

On an average day, there are no breaks at the salon because everyone is always working with a client. The client experience is the most important priority and ensuring their satisfaction is key. Giving the clients unlimited options and catering to their every needs is Bellezza Beauty Bar company motto.

“Some days are hard and overwhelming but we just have to push through because we want to always be better than our best,” says Alisha.

Looking to expand in the next year, Bellezza will be remodeling its West Call St. location and then opening up a new location near Killearn. Within the next few years, they plan on having two locations catering to all the nail needs for women in the Tallahassee area.

“I was just 18 years old when I came to my sister with the idea, I am just glad she decided to back me because we now own and operate on of the best nail salons in big bend area,” says Tiffany.





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