Growing the Voices of Our Future

In a joint effort to get students involved with the Children Services Council’s 2019 Broward AWARE! Protecting OUR Children campaign: Growing the Voices of Our Future, the Westside Gazette will engage youth in a photovoice (photojournalism) project.  The youth will tell their stories through the written word and through the lens of cameras they will operate as  photojournalists focusing in but not limited to the Broward AWARE campaign.


William Fremd

William Fremd like the government -SHUT DOWN!!! Photo by Cosey Proctor III, 14

William Fremd High School is closed due to the snow blocking the entrance. The federal workers won’t stop until everyone can move freely through the city. William Fremd High, located in a northwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois, is  known for

Bonita Williams-McKenzie (Caregiver)

academic excellence, and its athletic, drama, visual arts, and music programs.


My thoughts on caregivers in 2019

Leja Williams

By Leja Williams, 14

Questions and Answers:

LW–How long have you been a care giver?

BWM–15 years

LW–What made you want to become a caregiver?

BWM–After 20 years at Motorola I wanted to give back to my community as a caregiver.

LW–What are some challenges you face while being a caregiver?

BWM–Well first thing in the morning I don’t know what type of mood she will be in and patience is the key to this job.

LW–What’s the best part of being a caregiver?

BWM–The smile on her face when I get there and taking her out for breakfast and to the mall. She loves being around people.

LW–Do you see yourself being a caregiver in the next 5 years?

BWM–Yes, with a smile on my face. I love being a caregiver?

Please listen to the audio of Leja Williams interviewing

Bonita Williams-McKenzie (Caregiver) at



Layla Davidson

By Photo Layla Davidson, 12

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It was developed by African slaves in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century. Capoeira will improve your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. I do Capoeira to help me stay fit and this is one of my favorite after-school activities. In the photo is my capoeira instructor, Matthew Allen.


A Dream Come True?

Photo by Brielle Henry, 9

Azaria Henry and Ashton Arkon (neighbors) share a moment that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of — children of different colors playing together.




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