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Gwen Graham Brings Family to Broward

Gwen Graham Brings Family to Broward

Democratic candidate for governor talks with seniors

As part of their weeklong #GrassrootsWithTheGrahams tour across the state, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham, her parents and sisters visited the Kings Point Democratic Club in Broward County today.

Graham spoke to the crowd about the importance of protecting seniors in Florida and her plan to reduce medical wait list often faced by Florida’s older citizens.

“Whether you’ve lived here all your life or moved to Florida for retirement, our state should be safe and welcoming to all seniors,” Graham said.

Graham has spent years working to help older Floridians. In Congress, she sponsored The Senior Citizen Protection Act which would create a federal database of criminals convicted of scamming or abusing seniors to protect older Floridians.

“It’s been a lifelong passion of ours to help Florida’s older citizens,” Senator Bob Graham said. “We’re proud Gwen is following in our footsteps and has real plans to protect seniors.”

Graham is following in the footsteps of her mother, Adele Graham, who spent her time as First Lady and as a private citizen working on behalf of seniors. She served as Honorary Chairperson for the Governor’s Conference on Aging and was an official to the 1981 White House Conference on Aging.

Under Adele Graham’s leadership, Florida became the first state to license the Hospice program and she spearheaded a program for seniors to volunteer in Florida’s public schools. And her father, former Senator Bob Graham spearheaded the Community Care for the Elderly Act, still used by the A-rea Agencies to assist seniors today.  The#GrassrootsWithTheGrahams statewide tour includes lunch at Versailles and canvassing in Little Havana, Monday; a Miami office opening in Wynwood, Tuesday; a Grilling with the Grahams community event in Miami Lakes, Wednesday; volunteering in Fort Myers and a grassroots fundraiser in Sarasota, Thursday; and a tour of Ulele Springs in Tampa, Friday.


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