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Happy 100th birthday Blanche ‘MaDear’ Rose

Blanche 'MaDear' Rose

Blanche ‘MaDear’ Rose

Happy 100th birthday Blanche  ‘MaDear’ Rose

On Sept. 22, 1913, Blanche Rose was born in Lake City, Fla.

She became affectionately known as Mother Dear to family and friends; but everyone calls her “MaDear”. MaDear has always had a strong work ethic which she developed when she started working at the age of 12 years old.

She frequently reminisces about earning $2 per week and how she depended upon her faith and ‘never letting go of God’s unchanging hand’ to see her through.

She is a savvy business woman, managing the little that she had to purchase several homes and properties in the city of Fort Lauderdale. She has a great love for people and family.  She did not have much herself, but she always helped those in need. Although she has one child, she helped raise her nieces, nephews, six grand-children and had an impact on the lives of many others.  Since retiring at the age of 73, she has continued to impact the lives of her eleven great-grand-children and three great-great –grandchildren.

She continues to be self-sufficient and can always be found in her most favorite place … her garden. She is often asked the secret to her longevity.  And without hesitation and with upmost conviction she replies, “Honor your mother and your father and your days will be long!” So today we honor our mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend. We love you and wish you a “Happy 100th Birthday MaDear!”


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