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Here’s the real story behind Michelle Obama’s Heckler

Here-the-real-storyHere’s the real story behind Michelle Obama’s heckler

By Yvette Carnell

      By now you probably already know about Michelle Obama being heckled at a Democratic Party fundraiser. You also probably know that the heckler was “taken aback” when Mrs. Obama descended from the podium and came eye to eye with her, forcing the audience to choose: Either the heckler goes or I go.

What you may not know is that heckling President Obama has been a winning strategy for gay rights activists since early in Obama’s first term, causing some Hispanic advocates to adopt the phrase– “It’s time to go all LGBT on their @ss,” as reported in The Washington Post.

In 2011, an article titled, “What Gay Rights Activists Can Teach the Left About Winning” was even published in The Atlantic:

…that’s why LGBT activists started handcuffing themselves to the fence that forms the perimeter around the White House, showing up at presidential events and sometimes shouting down Obama — even at fundraisers for progressive allies like California Senator Barbara Boxer. In fact, nothing seems to provoke the president more than being challenged by the progressive base. After studying Obama as a member of the press corps for nearly four years, the only time I have seen the fire of true indignation flare in his eyes is when he feels as though the left is questioning the authenticity of his progressive ideals.

Bringing embarrassing attention to President Obama’s perceived failures has been a winning strategy for LGBT activists. (It is also a strategy  African-American community activists would never adopt for fear of making the first Black prez look bad.)

The woman who heckled Mrs. Obama, Ellen Sturtz, worked for the LGBT organization GetEQUAL, which has been responsible for many of Obama’s first term protests. The organization says it will continue to protest until it gets an anti-discrimination order signed by the president. You can disagree with their tactics, but one thing you can’t say is that they’re ineffective. #Winning.



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