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High School Football: 5 Teams to Watch In Miami-Dade County

The Miami Dolphins held their high school football media days at Nova Southeastern University and there was much excitement in the air. The athletes were delighted and thrilled inside of Nova because the attention, and because media days signaled that the new high school football season is almost underway. At media days, we found out that they’re a lot of interesting storylines to keep an eye out for. 

Today we’re going to highlight five teams from Miami-Dade county who you should keep an eye out for during the upcoming season. Two of these teams are potential sleeper teams, and the other three are the usual suspects. 

Here are five teams to look out for in Miami-Dade. 

Booker T. Washington  High School football team speaking with the media

Booker T. Washington High School football team speaking with the media

Booker T. Washington:
The supreme standard for football in Miami-Dade County has been set by the Booker T. Washington football program. When it comes to football, their program is second to none. In the last three seasons Booker. T Washington has been welcomed as the king in Miami-Dade County. They’re currently riding an unbelievable 41-game winning streak. During the process, they’ve also obtained three straight state championship titles.  There’s no reason to assume that their reign will come to an end in 2016. In fact, their 41 wins in a row leave them with the sixth longest winning streak in the country. 

What’s more remarkable is that if Booker T. Washington manages to have another undefeated season then they’ll become the owners of the state record. In 2007, Lakeland High School had a 52-game winning streak. It’s only a matter of time before Booker T. Washington leaves their signature on history. However, they’ll have to defeat Miami Central, St. Thomas Aquinas, Northwestern and Gulliver Prep if they want to do it.

Miami High:
Miami High is one of the traditional schools from Miami-Dade county that is well-known for putting a lot of their players in major colleges for athletics. Miami High might be more well-known for their basketball program with players such as Udonis Haslem, Edwin Rios, and Steve Blake, but their football program is starting to catch up. What most people don’t know is that Miami High also has a wealth of NFL talent that has appeared from their school. Players such as Roscoe Parrish, Lonnie Johnson, Jamaal Jackson and the great Andre Johnson were all Stingarees. Now it’s time for the next generation of players to step up.

Speaking of stepping up this season wide receiver Keyshawn Young is hoping to have an Andre Johnson like senior year. The three-star recruit is being targeted by Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, Louisville and Miami. Miami High is going to play against Columbus and Coral Gables this season so they’ll need him to have big games if they want to escape with a win. They are ranked in the top 100 within the state another good season could boost their rankings even higher.

christopher columbus high school football head coach Chris Merritt speaking to the media.

Christopher Columbus High School football head coach Chris Merritt speaking to the media.

Christopher Columbus:
Would you rather get blown out from a game and know that you never had a chance to win? Or would you rather lose a heartbreaking game where you know you could’ve and should have won?  Last season Christopher Columbus did the latter that when they lost in the state championship game 30-23 to powerhouse school, Apopka from northern Florida. This season Columbus is looking to come back with a vengeance because they’re motivated to get back to the state championship game and right their wrongs.

Their schedule is very difficult, but it’ll prepare them for their lofty goals of venturing to make the state championship game.  On their schedule this season they’ll be playing against Miami Northwestern, Miami Jackson, Winter Haven on the road and Belen at FIU stadium. The best part of Columbus team is that they’ve got a strong and talented defense that’s looking to dominate and could have one of the best teams in the state. 

Miami Central:
When it comes to football in Miami-Dade county, we all know that Miami Central is one of the premier schools in the county. It’s also not a stretch to say that Central is one of the schools within the nation that also have one of the elite programs. This season Miami Central looks to capture their fourth consecutive state championship. 

Due to the fact that their defense is very senior-laden, they should have one of the best teams in the country. Their defense has division one talent all across the board. Donavan Thompson, Eric Mitchell, Keir Thomas, and Jamel Cook will all make big impacts in their last season of high school football. Because of the magnitude of the season Miami Central has big games on its resume such as playing DeMatha Catholic from Maryland on ESPN and in city rival Booker T. Washington. We’ll all get to see if they can capture yet another illustrious state championship. 

Carol City

Miami Carol City High School football team speaking with the media.

Miami Carol City:  
It’s difficult to have the underdog label playing in a division with other great programs, but Miami Carol City is exactly that.  Being in the same division as Northwestern, Miami Central and Norland is never an easy assignment and it has made Carol City’s ability to make the playoffs even more challenging. Nevertheless, Carol City looks like they are ready to compete with the two established powerhouses in their district. Carol City this season is lead by their senior starting quarterback Stephen Calvert. If Calvert wants to ride off into the sunset before leaving Carol City, the school could have one of their best seasons in a long time.

Last year Carol City lost two close games to their in-division rivals Miami Central and Northwestern. If they can endure to turn the tide and overcome each of them by winning they might have enough confidence to create a big push to get to the playoffs. Carol City looks hungry and ready to achieve big goals. It’s only a matter of time before we’ll get to see.

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