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Hind sight is 20/20 Mr. Obama

Don-At-WorkHind sight is 20/20 Mr. Obama

By Don Valentine

The nation’s first African American President over the last seven years has been lambasted by a large margin of the population. Historically, most presidents get a more judicious review of their performance after an absence from office.  This can be reflective of a better review of their actions than when they where in office. Time does not guarantee a halo assessment in retrospect for all Presidents.  Let me cite George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter to name a few.

In the case of our current President, the review of time from office has not been needed to cement his performance rating. This is a result of the dubious roster of Presidential candidates. President Obama’s approval ratings have soared. This is a reflection of the stark contrast of leadership content that the President has compared to the future candidates. In a newly released Washington Post/ABC News poll, President Obama’s approval rating hit 56 percent — his highest level since 2011, after the killing of Osama bin Laden. His stewardship of the Country during the tribulations of the last weeks’ racially motivated killings is another sterling example of his mantel.

It has been disconcerting to witness the disrespect the President has had to endure in a humble stance.  It was written that “It takes a man to suffer ignorance with a smile.”

When the Governor of Arizona wagged her finger in the face of the Government’s Commander in Chief, I personally would have lost my composure.

President Obama had the equanimity to smile and say it was not a big deal.

No man is perfect.  In most opinions the President made errors in his policy in the Middle East.  Still, the macro inspection will in time establish that his legacy was very outstanding.  This is shown by an elementary school in St. Louis being named after him while he is still in office.  Can you imagine an elementary school named after Donald Trump? There is no debate, if you are astute, that in 5 – 10 years President Obama will be recalled as a preeminent President. A President Trump will not be fortunate enough to get that review.

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