History made in the City of Brotherly Love at Democratic Convention 2016

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HISTORY-MADE-IN-THE-CITY-OFHistory made in the City of Brotherly Love at Democratic Convention 2016

History made in the City of Brotherly Love at Democratic Convention 2016 — Miramar Mayor Wayne Messams

By Lyndale Pettus

      The battle has begun officially for the next president of these United States Americans and Democrats from every corner of the globe now know that former first lady Hillary Clinton is now official as the pick for the office of the President.

The country’s most incredible woman leaders and activists attended the convention for a chance alongside their male counterparts to support Hillary Clinton as the DNC choice. It was truly a moment that will be written in our country’s history and shared by everyone there and those who watched it on television.

While inside the convention, Sanders, who had committed his support to Hillary and the Democratic Party, was delivering a call to the country and his supporters to bury the axe and join the real battle ahead; work together and rally as one voice to beat Trump by voting for Hillary Clinton for President.

Sanders supporters were not giving up so easy with Bernie’s switch over to support the democratic choice of Clinton. Even with the official acceptance and nomination of Clinton as the choice for President, there was protest.

The protest gripping the DNC convention was mostly from the Bernie protestors who came out in force to keep Bernie on the nomination ballot. This was happening on the outer perimeter of the convention, but under total control with no real arrest or violence that I was aware of.

I have to say the atmosphere for Clinton was definitely lacking the Republican protestors I saw against her in Cleveland by the Trump supporters who were all over Cleveland in support of the Donald. I’m sure they were in Philly but clearly outnumbered by the Sanders supporters.

I saw and met so many people, whom were there in support of Hillary and Bernie; who share the same opinion that a Trump Presidency would be a step that could ruin this country. The Hillary supporters and the Bernie supporters are definitely a real rainbow of people that span every race, creed and religious background, all wanting to change our country as one nation together.

I captured so many images of people supporting the Hillary nomination, from the chance meeting of NFL great Franco Harris to speaking with the Florida delegates from my home state. I bumped into Miramar Mayor Wayne Messams and spoke briefly with Congresswoman Mrs. Frederica Wilson about her push with new projects for education for youth and the support to stop violence and help for parents who have suffered loss to violence.

While leaving the convention I had a chance meeting with Gary Hunter, the Obama unofficial photographer, while riding on a golf cart to the parking lot. We saw two elderly ladies walking to their car and offered them our seats.

Those two ladies turned out to be the daughters of former President LBJ’s two daughters, Lynda Bird and Luci Baines Johnson. I spoke with Luci B. Johnson briefly who said she was there to support Hillary in this moment in the history of American women and politics.

There were so many key points that made the convention a perfect storm for so many. Stay tuned for more about those people and their respective initiatives to change our communities for the future betterment of our country and world.

Note: The Johnson Sisters in their kindness, infinite wisdom and strong nature, turned down the ride to their car with a smile and thanks.


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