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Hoisted by their own petard

Nicole Nutting

Nicole Nutting

Hoisted by their own petard

By Nicole Nutting

Well, the floodgates are wide open now—these dirty old men aren’t going to get away with it! Women are finally mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore! We might have to reach for the playbook from the 1970’s feminist movement—we’ve been here, done this. Sadly, that historic quest for women’s equality devolved into the “Sexual Revolution”, subverted from its original intent by males to serve their own purposes. Yes, THOSE purposes!

The issue currently front and center isn’t really about sexual harassment in the workplace, in the entertainment business, or in the political arena. In truth, it’s only peripherally about sex. The common denominator here is POWER—the power of men over women.

I can think of only three instances in which it is acceptable for one human to exert his will over another. The first is the parent-child relationship, for the safety and training of the child. The second would be in the legal and penal areas—we’re obligated to follow our laws, or risk ending up in prison where we lose our autonomy altogether.

  The third would be a boss’s legitimate request for work product appropriate to one’s job description.

Otherwise, no adult has the right to force another adult to do ANYTHING.  To manipulate, cajole, shame, guilt trip, or physically force someone to do your bidding only proves you’re a self-important, self-centered a**hole.

Ladies, if your boss says “Lie down and we’ll discuss your career”, you have a choice to make. If you acquiesce to this, it’s really no wonder men think it’s acceptable. No, I’m not condoning men for taking advantage—they need to stop abusing their power. I’m just REALLY disappointed when women behave like timid little mice. They hurt themselves by not standing up, and they hurt the next generation of females by setting a sorry example. The time was way overdue to “Cowgirl up”!

Society needs to turn this lose/lose proposition into a win/win. Until now, I think both genders have hoisted themselves by their own petard.


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