Hold Your Fire

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Hold Your Fire

Nicole Nutting and Don Valentine

      She said: Hey Don, I read the other day that a retired Supreme Court justice proposed to end gun violence by repealing the Second Amendment. Justice Stevens, in a New York Times op-ed, suggested that March for Our Lives organizers add that proposal to their list of demands!

Do you think that idea would ever fly in our gun-crazed society? Early polls showed 39% of Democrats would support repeal. Only 8% of Republicans are on board though, and perhaps that indicates who’s doing the shooting!

      He said: Wow, you have outdone yourself on the “Wacky” meter. Gun rights will never be constitutionally removed. To paraphrase Dirty Harry, “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hand! Punk!” Sorry, that might have come from a Trump sycophant.

The founders put a lot of things in the constitution that were designed to stand the test of time.  That is why the bar to create an amendment is ratification by ¾ of the Union. Convince me that 38 states would agree to abolish gun ownership.  Ain’t gonna happen, pal!

      She said: Oh, I don’t really expect guns will ever be abolished in America, but I’m considering this from a strategic standpoint: by demanding complete repeal we may be able to force sensible gun legislation as a concession! Otherwise we’ll be fighting tooth and nail for every tiny advancement toward sane gun ownership. I see it as a potential move in a chess game, and possibly a means to an end.

He said:  You are on the right track if it resulted in an assault rifle ban and universal background checks. Cool down periods are also sane. We make enough noise and we will reign in this chaos!

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