Homegrown writer spotlight: Chelsea A. Campbell

Chelsea A. Campbell
Chelsea A. Campbell
Chelsea A. Campbell

Homegrown writer spotlight: Chelsea A. Campbell

By Ciera Campbell

Chelsea A. Campbell is an up and coming African American writer born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. Chelsea published her first book on March 12 at the age of 22. Her book was inspired by her two siblings both of her siblings are young African American women.

Not only was Chelsea able to surpass writers’ block, she endured and persevered to complete her book. “The idea of my book just came to me one day when I was at work thinking about myself as a child and how I interact with my sisters, I drove home and took a pen and paper and the book wrote itself. By the time I looked down at what I wrote, I noticed it was a good enough book to become published and share with the world.”

Her book targets young women, but her characters are African American characters. Al-though she was raised reading books such as the Junie B. Jones saga, she understands that, “It is really important that African American girls have characters that resemble them or characters that they can re-late to.”

Educating students is her main purpose for writing books by grabbing  children’s attention toward reading through comedy within her books. She hopes that all her young readers gain laughter and have the ability to relate the goofiness of the characters to their friends or themselves.

Not only should the children walk away from the story with their stomach aching from laughter, but Chelsea said, “I also want them to relate to the real situations and events in my books. It is important to me that children read my books and grab a hold of reading as a hobby.”

Chelsea does not plan to stop after ‘My Bossy Sister’, “I have manuscripts for other books that I want to publish also. One of the manuscripts that I have finished will be a book with the same character. The book after this one that I will publish is called, ‘My Bossy Fashion’. “It’s a very funny story told from a harmless but busy little girl, as you can tell from the first book. I really want to create a series for this character, because I believe she can go so far with young readers, she has so many lessons to teach through funny situations.”

Campbell’s writing journey is nowhere near from ending. Look forward to more of her current and post projects in Barnes and Noble, on Amazon and Xilbris.com.


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