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Honor and Respect belongs to all American  Heroes

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Honor and Respect belongs to all American  Heroes

By P. L. Wright Ph.D.

President Trump is not facing reality by feeling that the sports players are disrespecting the American flag. The other heroes are those Black parents who loss their homes and lives due to the consistent practice of discrimination caused by racism with no Police protection even today in 2018. Many Blacks never knew who were their grandparents, and sometimes never got to know their mothers and fathers because they were murdered by KKK or some American citizen or American Police officer who was never held accountable for the killing of a Black person, maybe even a Black child. All American Police officers are not criminals, but those who are committing crimes against Black people are still not being held judicially accountable for their criminal actions. This is the reason for what the kneeling is all about. The kneeling  is to observe the loss of the many Blacks from America’s inhumane treatment of the Black race who are also citizens and heroes of this Free American country too, but not in reality for Black people.

Those murdered Blacks are also heroes who during their lifetime were trying to save their family from the horror of discrimination allowed to continue caused by racism festering and metastasizing itself, affecting Black people all over the United States. We must all remember those who died defending their families and their properties right here in America are also heroes, just as we honor and respect those United States service men and women who died fighting to keep all citizens of America free, safe  and to treat every American citizen with respect and honor. think about this document. This is me exercising my freedom of speech. Unless we Americans are being afraid to use our freedom of speech that still exist.





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