Horses Give Hope Education Foundation ends year with a Bang

Yunghanns speaks to audience.
Yunghanns speaks to audience.
Yunghanns speaks to audience.

Horses Give Hope Education Foundation ends year with a Bang

By Peter Yunghanns

Horses Give Hope Education Foundation led by Peter Yunghanns, III ended 2017 with a bang making a difference in the lives of others. This young CEO decided that he wanted to educate other youths regarding the polo sport and his family’s love for polo and equestrian activities. Yunghanns started his own non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for education, build character and provide equestrian career opportunities from cradle through college. This non-profit organization ended the year doing charitable deeds.

Horses Give Hope Education Foundation; made wishes come true for over 100 youths at HANDY and Youths who live in Atlanta Housing Authority.  Horses Give Hope Education Foundation focuses on orphans and foster care youths as one of their target populations. This organization educated numerous foster care and disadvantaged youth before the end of 2017 on the importance of understanding horses, the sport of Polo and equestrianism.

The youths were introduced to the sport of polo which has been known as an elitist sport for many years. One of the purposes of Horses Give Hope Education Foundation is to help Foster care and disadvantage Youths understand the importance of this equestrian sport and other equestrian activities and help them to understand that they too can have access; not only were over 200 youths educated regarding the Polo sport, but their Christmas wishes were granted by Horses Give Hope Education Foundation.

This organization provided education and made wishes come true to several programs in South Florida and Atlanta Georgia. Horses Give Hope Education Foundation al-so gave end of the year scholarships to two local equestrian related organizations. The organization has eight programs areas of focus which include college students as well as middle and high school students and plans to continue educating on equestrian activities and equine science career opportunities.

For more information please visit our website at or call (561) 349-5401.


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