Hurricane & Insurrection Corollaries

John Johnson

By John Johnson Il

The recent hurricane named Ian and the January 6, 2020 insurrection were both corollaries to one  another. Consequently, they offer an excellent opportunity to examine their corollaries. Thus, one could conclude that hurricanes are dangerous land destructive, and violent/murderous insurrections are its normal corollary. However, it’s important to  be aware of distinct causes, purposes as well as differences between these phenomena.

Hurricanes are the results of the interactions of forces of nature, whereby warm ocean water combines with cooler air to form the genesis of tropical storms. Insurrections are the results of individuals mobilizing to violently overthrow their own government. A hurricane is apolitical while an insurrection is staunchly created and driven by partisan politics, which in this case is the Republican Party.

Amazingly, hurricanes don’t discriminate. They will destroy anything in their path, rich or poor,  Black or white. The January 6, 2020, Insurrection though, plotted and coordinated with multiple purposes, followed a distinct path. The insurrectionists wanted to overthrow the U.S. government, prevent the transfer of power, and thereby allow Trump to become the 46th president, rather than Joe Biden.

Unlike a hurricane, the insurrectionists stole property, collected souvenirs, and intentionally caused injuries and death of officers. Their depravity reached a level of insanity more descriptive of wild beasts as they scattered feces throughout the Capitol Building.

Can you imagine – white adults defecated on floors of the Capitol and then smeared it. Is this what makes them superior? Are these the kind of people who should be running the government? Should they be labeled as only two-fifths human. It’s enough to make one throw up!

Yes, history will chronicle the devastation of hurricanes. But will governors who detest Critical Race Theory, because it might make white students cry, allow white students to be taught the history of

the January 6, 2020, insurrection. I would think that white students rather than cry, will question the sanity as well as the inhumanity of their own white race!

The crowning jewel of the Republican nurtured and supported right wing insurrection was even more cynical and dangerous than hurricane Ian. They knew that with Trump as president, the white supremacy ideology would reign unfettered throughout our government.

The Supreme Court with Chief Justice Roberts and his band of five Justices has evolved as hurricanes, but not over warm waters. Rather, it has evolved from the sweltering minds and evil hands of the Ex-president, members within the Federalist Society and the Republican Party.

The Supreme Court as it now exists, is as destructive as a hurricane and replaces the need for an insurrection. Its mission starting with Roe, is to wash away the rights of women, LGBTQ, immigrants, Native Americans, Black people and to preserve white supremacy. Hurricane and Insurrection destructive corollaries are self-evident.

Despite the destructiveness of a hurricane, in the end, people without blame come together to rebuild better and stronger. On the other hand, the destructive violence of an insurrection doesn’t end with people coming together, rather it festers like a cancer if the perpetrators aren’t brought to justice.

   “Is it not a crime if bank robbers entered a bank with the intent of robbing it, even though they were unsuccessful? If it’s a crime, so, why is so difficult to convict seditionists who fail to overthrow the government? If this isn’t the raw, all unsuccessful bank robbers must be released immediately!”

John Johnson Il



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