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Hurt people, HURT- PEOPLE

Charles-MoseleyHurt people, HURT- PEOPLE

By Charles Moseley

In case you didn’t get the memo, DOMESTIC VIOENCE against any man, woman, or child is DEAD WRONG! In the wake of the elevator video which shows Baltimore Raven Ray Rice doing his best Floyd Mayweather impersonation (The Poster Child for Domestic Violence), Rice knocks out his  fiancé turned wife, Janay Palmer-Rice; I will ask anyone who has, will, or is considering inflicting pain on another individual, “Is it worth it?” Aside from the millions of dollars Rice stands to lose by having his multi-million dollar contract voided by the NFL; what price can he or anyone for that matter, put on the toll DOMESTIC VIOLENCE has on the person victimized? Acts of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE are as common as apple pie in America.

Millions upon millions have been affected by DOMESTIC VIOLENCE,  many of which go unreported; though unreported these cases are  just as insidious. Unfortunately it takes high profile incidence such as the Rice incident to draw public attention to a systemic problem. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE affects people from all walks of life-the rich and the poor, Blacks and whites, Jews and Gentiles, Doctors, Lawyers, and Indian Chiefs. yet Dare I say, Preachers in the Pulpit! No one is immune. The bottom line is unless we do talk about it and discuss what makes a person commit acts of domestic violence, we will never come close, to resolving this wide spread epidemic, which plaques our society. By now you should be able to glean that a pattern exists here. The fact of the matter however is that Domestic Violence isn’t a new thing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it could be traced back to the days of Adam & Eve. been HOOD WINKED into taking a bite out of that golden apple. After all we didn’t have twitter or instagram back then but I’m sure it’s safe to say when Adam & Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden, by “The Almighty” pardon the pun but my guess is, “ALL HELL Broke Loose!”  The key to starting to stem the tide of DOMESTIC VIOENCE stars with healing the hurt from within and that comes through acknowledging that a problem exist for which help is available. After all we ALL need help sometimes in life. Just remember the next time you lash out someone either verbally or physically, there is someone out there BIGGER, BADDER, & BOLDER than you who don’t like UGLY. He goes by the name of G-O-D and he’s watching over ALL his children. GOD may forgive but he never forgets. Start today by asking for forgiveness so that the healing process can begin. Love yourself so you can learn to love others.


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