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I Vote, We Vote

Francis Vernon

I Vote, We Vote

By Francis Vernon

Youth suffrage has come of age not only adults play on this stage

Our Vote, Our Vote will turn a new page

The shouting, the shooting all filled with rage

I Vote, We Vote

You would not listen, as babies cried for help

Or Gabby’s plea to stop, we are killing our self

As bullet wounds and blood stained the living and dead

You watched as our families got shot with lead

I Vote, We Vote

President Obama asked us to cover our shame

The world is looking as we play the blame game

The example they set, we are a nation in pain

You use the second amendment only in name

I Vote, We Vote

You are sacrificing today, no one left for tomorrow

Are you so heartless, do you not feel sorrow?

For parents, students, teachers, fatherless and the widow

I Vote, We Vote

Searing the conscience of our innocent youth

Tomorrow our pens and votes will tell the truth

The time has come, and we are living proof

You watched us die from your place aloof

I Vote, We Vote

Not only your 2nd Amendment right, are at stake

Was it worth young lives the 2nd did make

For us to be murdered just for your sake

We have our voices to be heard make or brake

I Vote, We Vote

When we go to war we kill with AR 15’s

Are we at war with our families or so it seems

With eyes shut we slaughter our teens

Are we still God Fearing loving human beings

I Vote, We Vote

Ask yourself when a child you see

Remembering that child was once me

Must we all die for you to be free

The 15’s, the 15’s they kill you and me

I Vote, We Vote

For the 2nd and 3rd time we hear something must be done

This roller coaster ride is certainly not fun

Less love for our children, and more for our gun

Was this our forefather’s intention when freedom begun?

I Vote, We Vote

Ask yourself in the last election did you Vote?

Next to whose name on the paper you wrote

No more hanging chads, a vote is a vote

Will I give him or her the power of my vote?

I Vote, We Vote

If congress and the senate cannot agree

The bickering and fighting this unlawful assembly

Our parents voted for this house of bigotry

Giving them control of the future of you and me

I Vote, We Vote

This time around things will be done differently

We the survivors will be voting more effectively

To remove from Washington stale coffee and sour tea

Draining the swamp far out into the sea

I Vote, We Vote

As we grow in numbers year after year

Old folks die along with those who didn’t care

Our future is ours, so we must decide

For truthful leaders not, those who tell lies

I Vote, We Vote

As we march on Washington along with me too

Sending a clear message to all who we knew

Many in high places not only the few

The elections are coming, autumn leaves will fall too

I Vote, We Vote

For outlawing weapons of war, we need new laws

Not amendment squabbling, it’s time for a pause

The number 2 A Train is leaving the station, Vote for a cause

Pass Bills of safety, your voices heard; then applause

I Vote, We Vote

If you can’t make a stand be you woman or man

Political Party, bribery, big money in hand

The people’s eyes are opened as wide as they can

Soul searching has begun, to see if we are truly American

I Vote, We Vote


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