If I Only Had The Nerve

Nicole Nutting
Nicole Nutting

If I Only Had The Nerve

By Nicole Nutting

Our Racist-in-Chief proved himself again last week, with his crass comments about immigrants from disadvantaged countries. It was one thing when people kept their ugly thoughts to themselves, another thing entirely when our president gives the haters tacit permission to act out their grievances. This vitriolic environment makes it potentially dangerous for those of us who disagree with the current agenda. Case in point, I would LOVE to plaster the back of my car with political bumper stickers but I’m literally afraid I might get shot, despite living in a blue state.

To compensate, I’ve made a game of inventing bumper sticker slogans that will probably never see the light of day. Some are blatantly obvious, others more subtle. Many are only briefly relevant, until the next presidential Tweet drops!

Try it for yourself—it’s a great stress reliever, and a safe way to express frustration without incurring bodily injury. Maybe the Westside Gazette could host a contest for “Best 2018 Bumper Sticker We’re Afraid To Display”!

If anyone is brave enough to actually print and sell these, feel free to use my examples.  I don’t suppose “they” could shoot ALL of us if everyone in the Resistance showed their sentiments with a bumper sticker. Oh, if I only had the nerve…

Here are a few of my favorites:

“Trump—The Word In English For Putin”

“GOP = Greedy Old Perverts”

“A Brain Is A Terrible Thing To Wash”

“Wow—From Moral Majority to Immoral Minority in Only 40 Years”

“If Guns Were Outlawed, Would Only Racists Would Have Guns?”

“American Government—Of, By, And For The 1%”

“Somebody’s Been Watching Too Much Fox News”

“Would Jesus Be Allowed To Immigrate To America Today?”

“Democracy—Use It Or Lose It”

“Same Swamp—Bigger Alligators”


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