By John Johnson II, Miramar

Throughout history, America has always welcomed immigrants. Clearly, immigration has fueled the growth of our Nation and has contributed much to what is great about America. If all of this is true, why has immigration become an albatross around the necks of Congress; thus, threatening to create a political division within the Nation?

Currently, immigration consumes the National debate because the ethnic landscape of America is on the verge of significant change. By 2042, it’s projected that as a result of immigration and Whites’ declining birth rates, they will become the minority.

Immigrants are now targeted by Trump just as Hitler once targeted Jews. If you can convince a Nation to hate another group of people, you can treat them as though they’re less than human. Blacks were enslaved, Jews were incinerated, and now immigrants are caged. The question then arises, “When will Congress free themselves of the clutches of the albatross and the bigotry of Trump?”

The words of  President, Abraham Lincoln, “A house divide against itself cannot stand, “should galvanize Congress to do their job; pass a comprehensive immigration policy.


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