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Impact Girls have their first ‘Power Lunch’ at the Chef’s Palette

IMPACT-GIRLSImpact Girls have their first ‘Power Lunch’ at the Chef’s Palette

Kneeling, left, Chef Dustin Gordon and right, Chef John Noble Masi. Standing in background, International Culinary School Students/The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

By Angela Dix

Why not begin to teach and train girls now for ‘power lunches’ with academic appeal that may land them a deal when they are women, and offer them once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that can change the world for the better? Impact Girls from Dillard Elementary believe that anything is possible.

For their first ‘power lunch’, Impact Girls in grades K-Third received a taste of the culinary experience and a scrumptious three-course meal at the Chef’s Palette prepared and served by 17 students at The International Culinary School. Dr. Tolland, president of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, made this experience possible through a personal invitation.

The girls prepared for this state-of-the-art occasion in advance through several etiquette trial runs of entering a room with lady-like confidence, sitting with self-assurance, engaging in conversational protocol, and to top it off, making a favorable impression even among their peers.

Dressing for a dazzling lunch engagement also set the tone, as girls kept their school uniforms in their closets, and adorned themselves in pretty pastels, bows, curly-cue collars, fluffy skirts, two-piece suits, fabulous twirling dresses, sparkling sandals, and strapped shoes with a one-inch heel.

Local businesses, organizations, non-profits, schools of higher learning, including the Gurian Institute, Fortis 83 Foundation, Ranger Technical Resources, Yeboah Law Group, educators, community leaders and parents have demonstrated their tremendous support and acknowledgement of Impact Girls since its conception in September 2012.

Now, this is the question, “Did the field trip to the Chef’s Palette make an impression in the lives of little girls with big ambitions?” The answer, “Absolutely!” Impact Girls at Dillard Elementary, the place where girls become capable, confident, and courageous until they see a colorful world of endless possibilities… because anything is possible!


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