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In 2014 election Governor Scott is now an insider

Governor Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott

In 2014 election Governor Scott is now an insider

By Roger Caldwell

In four years, if you keep your nose clean, and support conservative principles, you can become an insider in the Republican Party. Once you are an insider, the party will spend and give you money for your campaign. The first time our governor spent $70 million of his own money, and the second time around it will be one of the most expensive gubernatorial campaigns in the history of the state.

Florida is one of the most populous states in the country, but it is turning blue, and there are more registered Democrats in the state than Republicans. In certain polls, Charlie Crist is leading our governor by eight points and it looks like someone will have to start playing dirty.

Governor Scott says he is standing on his record and he says he has lowered unemployment, fixed the economy, and created hundreds of thousands of jobs. In his new budget, he says he has something for everyone in the state, but many of the residents don’t trust him, and believe he is cheating the state. Scott is getting desperate, so he is claiming that Crist hurt the state’s economy and drove the unemployment numbers up.

But everyone in politics knows that when there is a federal and international recession, the states will be impacted. Scott is now claiming that Florida’s improvement is because of his policies, but many pundits also believe that President Obama’s policies are also helping the state.

Since Scott is now a Republican insider, many Floridians are starting to ask questions about scandals and corruption in the party, under our governor’s watch. Everyone in the state should remember the $63 million website debacle where state unemployment recipients did not receive their unemployment checks for over a month. Or when the lieutenant governor and the education commissioner both resigned from their positions, because both were implicated with fraudulent past activities.

But as Scott is set to kick off his campaign, a new scandal is heating up with his co-finance chair, who just wrote a campaign check for one million dollars. Everyone in Florida knows that our governor was involved in some funny business with his billion dollar healthcare company and he was fined $1.7 billion. But Miguel Fernandez, the co-finance chair after writing the check his two healthcare companies won contracts worth potentially billions.

It is obvious that this deal does not pass the smell test, but it looks like our governor, a Republican insider, does not care. This is not the first time that Scott has come under fire for taking donations from Fernandez, but in Florida you must pay to play.

Corruption in Florida is rotten to the core and there needs to be a federal investigation in our state. Our governor is playing dirty and he has always believed that he is above the law. It would be a waste of time to ask our attorney general to investigate political corruption in the state, because she is an integral part of the team.

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