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HIV cure means

Leisha McKinley-Beach


By Leisha McKinley-Beach

     Several weeks ago headlines trumpeted that an infant had been cured of HIV.

    In this issue we’ll begin a series that takes a harder look at that story and some of its implications for Black people, starting with a look at what an HIV “cure” means.

    Recently we marked the third anniversary of the passing of the Affordable Care Act.

    As we prepare for the health exchanges to open six months from now, the government has released a snapshot of the 48 million who are uninsured. Kaiser Health News keeps us abreast of both stories.

    We also run a much longer piece than we usually publish, but one that we think is extremely important: the challenge to affirmative action that will soon come before the Supreme Court.      

    Our friends at ProPublica report on this very important case.

    And we’re pleased to announce the launch of the U.S. HIV Workforce Survey, a national assessment of the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of people who work in HIV/AIDS.

    Learn how you can participate in the survey and give us feedback on your experience.


Yours in the struggle, Leisha McKinley-Beach, Director of Stakeholder Engagement and Technical Assistance Black AIDS Institute


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