Is My House on Fire?

David Wright

Getting insured during a Pandemic Part I.

Welcome to a three part series on ‘Is My House On Fire?’ Getting insured during a pandemic. In part one we will cover Does being in a pandemic affect my ability to get quality and affordable coverage.

Part Two will cover who I can trust to give good solid advice.

Part III We will discuss how to determine what is right for me or for my family. Why it’s important to re-evaluate what you may already have.

Let’s start with a little bit about me. My name is David Wright, a Licensed Insurance agent in the state of Florida. I’ve been mentored and have sat at the feet of some of the best in the

business. What they’ve shared with me, and what I’m here to pass on is based on my experience in the industry. My intention is to help us think clearly about the times we are living in. Is my house on Fire, raises the question, am I in a dire situation and not aware of it?

This pandemic created a global shift in all Of our lives. Nationally we’ve been impacted in

ways we have never seen before. Locally it’s literally knocked on some of our front doors and

made its way in. The ultimate answer to the question is, Am I covered. If my house is on Fire,

am I covered. Have I recently and adequately accounted for all of my belongings and valued

possessions to my existing plans and policies?

During this process, I will ask a series of questions to help us to think in detail if the current plans we have in place are adequate for times such as these. Throughout the series we will attempt to bring sustainable solutions to your questions. Some of your questions may be

Health related, some property, life, investments etc…

What is in force, active, what are my interest rates, terms, terms length, and my investment

strategy. The list can go on depending on work plans, individual plans and inheritance.

Sometimes we joke about in our community is inheritance, but in actuality, biblically speaking, this is an area of estate planning that we as modern day African Americans, often fall short of. So let’s just stop, think and process what impacts us the most. Stop and listen to what’s

going on inside of you. Take some time to evaluate what you are feeling. What’s comfortable and what’s uncomfortable. Write it down and let’s talk about it. Is my house on Fire?

For more information, please contact me at: or cell (954) 257-1783

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