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Is President Obama getting recognition for his accomplishments?

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

Is President Obama getting recognition for his accomplishments?

By Roger Caldwell

     At this point, everyone in the country should acknowledge that the Affordable Care Act is working. There are now eight million sign-ups, and millions of Americans who did not have insurance can go to the doctor. This is a great accomplishment for the country, but the conservatives and Republicans say the President has done nothing for five years.

They appear to be stuck in Benghazi, and still trying to repeal the ACA after 50 times. We know that they believe the IRS is targeting conservative political organizations for not following the letter of law, and refusing their non-profit status. Therefore, the conservatives and the Republicans believe the country has lost the principles that it was founded on, and America is losing its power in the world.

But under President Obama, the nations of the world (except our enemies and Republicans) have respect for the power of the United States. The President has also stopped two long and costly wars, and Americans troops are no longer dying and being injury. The stock market has doubled, and the national unemployment rate has fallen to 6.3 percent.

Nevertheless, the extreme conservatives want to succeed from the union, or they want to impeach the President. Americans with common sense understand that this thinking is backward, but many of the supporters of this position are wealthy business people and powerful political leaders. This thinking is not going away and it is deeply entrenched in a certain American lifestyle and mindset.

This segment of the population has drawn a line in the sand, and they believe they are justified when the say the entire Obama administration has been a failure. It is a closed way of thinking and thousands of Americans in the society are out to sabotage the accomplishments of the President. If you listen to the conservative media, the President is weak, and Obamacare will bankrupt the country.

All of this conservative media talk is hot air and was never based on factual information or knowledge. The Republican Party is in disarray and their solutions would take away health care from millions of Americans. Just recently, Sens. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Charles Grassley, R-Iowa issued a report attacking the administration for a terrible rollout of The entire country is aware that the rollout for was challenging, but the problems were corrected, and the project is a success.

It is obvious that the Republicans will waste taxpayer’s money to try to destroy projects that are working. Across the country millions of residents are raving about how ACA has helped them get insurance, because before the law insurance premiums were just too high.

Louise Lund, a reporter from The Madison said, “People can actually go to a doctor of their own. Those stricken with cancer and other diseases can finally get serious health insurance. Obamacare was badly needed, and we are grateful to President Barack Obama for pushing so hard to get it through.”

In Minnesota, the ACA is credited for the drop in the state’s uninsured rate. “The number of uninsured Minnesotans fell by nearly 41 percent since September and the rate of uninsured in the state fell from 8.2 percent to 4.9 percent,” according to a study from the University of Minnesota.” “Texans who received financial assistance to purchase health coverage through the federal insurance exchange are paying less in monthly premiums than individuals in most other states, using the online marketplace according to a new report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

The ACA is working and President Obama will go down in history for transforming the American healthcare system. It is time for more Americans to talk about the great projects and initiatives the President has implemented. Americans must become better informed and educated to the truth.


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