It’s official: President Obama is the most threatened President in history

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

Mexico Xanax Buy Online I t’s official: President Obama is the most threatened President in history By Dr. Boyce Watkins

Best Place To Order Xanax Online      The number of threats against President Obama is overwhelming, according to the Secret Service, which claims that Obama is the target of 30 potential death threats a day, all of which is fatiguing the overworked Secret Service.

     Since President Obama took office, the rate of threats has increased 400 percent. The nature of most of the threats to the President is kept quiet so as not to trigger potential copycat assassins.

Xanax In Australia Buy Online      The Secret Service forces death threats like this one daily:

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Buy Green Xanax Bars Online Recently, when Anton Caluori, 31, allegedly emailed the FBI on the morning of Aug. 21, 2012  to say he would “kill the President,” a Secret Service agent was immediately dispatched to his residence. According to the Department of Justice, Caluori was armed with multiple weapons, making his threat not only credible, but viable.

     This comes as no surprise to most African Americans, who’ve looked on with anxiety as right wingers have launched an array of thinly veiled threats and insults against President Oba-ma.      But if President Obama were assassinated, making FLOTUS a widow, and leaving Malia and Sasha without a dad, makes me thinks Black people would finally be willing to quit America en masse.

Buy Xanax Ebay      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. admonished violence, turned the other cheek, and white racists blew his face off. The death of President +Obama would be the definitive blow to aspirations of Black people in America. And the white racists who dream of killing our President should ask themselves whether that’s what they really want.

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