Jet Magazine re-laucnhes with new cover and content for new audiences

Jet Magazine
Jet Magazine
Jet Magazine

Jet Magazine re-laucnhes with new cover and content for new audiences

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      After serving as a pillar in the Black community for 62 years, Jet magazine hit newsstands this week with a fresh new design and a mission to draw in new audiences.

As seen above, the magazine’s  July 22 “Fruitvale Station” edition sports a new logo, brighter cover and more info graphics. Jet has also updated it’s website to match the new-look print edition white still maintaining the compact booklet format readers are accustomed to.

“It’s always been my goal to get here and rebrand Jet, and to make it a part of the current cultural conversation,” said Jet Editor-in-Chief Mitzi Miller, who started tweaking the magazine a little over two years ago, a post she describes as her “dream job.”

“As a Black woman who grew up on Jet and as a journalist, I truly believe that our community deserves to have Jet, so it’s an honor to be the person put at the helm of spearheading the turnaround, bringing it back to where it’s not just your parent’s magazine, but this is the magazine that’s for you to check out what’s going on as well,” Miller told the Grio.

Mitzi Miller, who worked independently as a journalist, author and editor, and has held posts at Honey and Jane magazines, said readers were adamant about keeping the design compact. The main objective was to meet the needs of the new audience.

“Now we’re not just a quick read, we are a quick, engaging, smart read.”

Jet’s top editor said the ongoing objective for the publication is to continue to evolve and gain new audiences.

“We all have these memories of Jet in our lives, and it’s this assumption that it will always be there, but that’s not true,” Miller said, referring to the need of readers to support publications of value. “I’m confident that our kids have Jet stories. I just want to make sure that their kids will have Jet stories, as well.”


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