Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not the answers all by themselves

 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace. 1 Peter 4:10

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

First of all I would like to congratulate all those who were elected to serve in the positions they sought and to those who felled short, please join in and give your talents to creating a better place.

When the smoke settles in Broward County we will come back to address the significant progress made in the election of four Black men in four constitutional offices: Harold Pryor, State Attorney for the 17th Circuit, Joe Scott, Supervisor of Elections, Gordon Weeks, Broward Public Defender and Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony.

During the elections several people and parties vie for different seats, but only one person representing a Party for each position is declared the winner, no matter how much time , money or efforts they put into it. Everybody can’t win.

Understanding this, most God fearing, good natured and empathetic people are willing to concede in a gracious respectable manner no matter what they’re suppressing.


Nevertheless, the job of governing for all people is paramount to establishing the foundation of what democracy is all about. More than 76,000,000 people and 290 electoral votes have proclaimed that Job Biden and Kamala Harris as both President and Vice President Elect, respectively.

Even though the other people lost by more than 5,500,000 votes, they are unequivocally willing to try and destroy the very fabric of this country by turning its people against each other. Families have been separated through lies, insults and humiliation. The use of dehumanization tactics to not only separate children from mothers, but they have allowed a pandemic, as of press time today, to sicken 10, 205, 207 people and have killed 239,274.

Race has played a major factor in both the cause of victory and in the cause of the nonacceptance of the victory. If I were to begin to point out the facts for each, the pigmentation and cultural makeup of the winner’s Party would clearly show an unprecedented moment in this country’s history which has propelled it into a movement that will not stop until the opposing forces of a white supremacist ideology are erased from the pages of the current history being made today  not only in this country but in the world.

My dear brothers and sisters who are not willing to get on the bus of convenience. God has given each one of us a role to play and it doesn’t matter if it’s a supporting role or a role to be out front. No matter what role it is God gave it to us. God doesn’t make any mistakes. Brothers and sisters, let’s play our role to the best of the abilities that God has given us, and if we do that it will work out just like it is supposed to.

I am by NO MEANS saying that we should cow down and shuffle our feet and scratch where we don’t itch. In order for any progress to be made there is a need for resistance; it’s just taken over 400 years to happen in this country, and we ain’t along with others giving it back so easy.

It is not by some unspoken principle or by a happenstance that now at this juncture, in the midst of storm after storm muddled in a pandemic that white supremacist, police misconduct and government officials are facing going to prison, that America has aligned herself to be led by a Black women, leader and mother of the likes that America has been given birth from their ample bosom.

Life roles serve a particular purpose in God’s plan. Can you imagine what the body of Christ should look like if we all would view our roles as all being  just as important as the others no matter…?

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