Just say no! to S.C.O.T.U.S. nominee

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Don-At-WorkJust say no! to S.C.O.T.U.S. nominee

By Don Valentine

      As a Law School graduate I can appreciate that the qualifications of the Trump nominee are prolific. Mr. Gorsuch has an undergraduate degree from the Ivy league school of Columbia, J.D. from Harvard Law and a Doctorate in law from esteemed powerhouse of Oxford University.  There is no debate about his resume.

Nonetheless, he should not be the next seat holder for Supreme Court of the United States.  The Republican legacy for his nomination leaves him in a parlous situation.  Every President of the United States is tasked with making a nomination for a vacant Supreme Court seat. The Constitution requires the President to submit their selection in a timely manner for consideration. The previous office holder completed this task. The Republican Senate refused to bring President Obama’s selection up for a vote.

Senator Mitch McConnell is on record for telling Obama “Mr. President you will not fill the next seat on the Supreme Court.”  It would have been protocol for the Republicans to at least have brought Judge Merrick Garland up for a vote. Instead they were content to stymie the highest court in our land with a 4-4 tie on judicial decisions. This obviously was unfair to the American public. The Republicans did not have to vote Judge Garland a seat.  A negative vote would have simply mandated another submission for the vacant seat.

If you’re not immersed in the jurisprudence system you might miss the necessity to have a well rounded Supreme Court.

This ensures that they can understand how the interpretation of the law applies in real life.

An all white Ivy league educated court is not likely to have the necessary nuances for the various aspects of “Americana”.

Hence the necessity for the Democrats to not capitulate to the challenge by the other side of the aisle. The Union cannot survive a future where one party dictates the parameters of checks and balances to maintain our rule of law.  Our Founding Fathers were very specific to create a system that would not evolve into a monarchy. Thus it is imperative for the Democrats to not vacillate on this debate.

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