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Kappa Foundation of Pompano Beach sponsors Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets Give-Away at Golden Acres Community Center in Pompano Beach

1A11-26-15-FRONT-PAGEKappa Foundation of Pompano Beach sponsors Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets Give-Away at Golden Acres Community Center in Pompano Beach

Volunteers from all over Pompano Beach participate in a Thanksgiving turkey basket give-away sponsored by the Kappa Foundation of Pompano Beach.

By Charles Moseley

The Kappa Foundation of Pompano Beach (KFPB) sponsored their sixth Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Basket give-away on Nov. 22, 2015 at the Golden Acres Community Center in Pompano Beach, Fla. The event provided food for an estimated 500 people from surrounding neighborhoods.

Willie Brown is president of the KFPB, the organization which was responsible for putting on the event. He shared a little bit about the organization and who benefits from the food give-away for a number of years of providing this service to the community.

“We’ve actually been providing food for those in need for over a decade. It actually started out for us providing a cooked dinner for senior citizens. As we were doing that we found that there was a need for many families that didn’t have so we decided that instead of cooking dinners, we would provide the food to those who could cook for themselves. We started from 50 to a 100 to 250 and today we’re feeding 500.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with the Law Firm of Perry E. Thurston along with some other law firms including Jaffer Farmer, in addition to several of the local churches.

“We originated here in Golden Acres. If you know the history of Golden Acres it was once the farm labor camp here in Pompano Beach. And the residents who lived there lived here that worked on the farm or some type of agricultural related industry. And often times when there would be distribution of turkeys or goods, they didn’t have cars to get around so we’d bring the food to them,” added Brown.

Former Florida State Representative and a candidate for the State Senate Perry E. Thurston manned a both while he served hot dogs and hamburgers to a number of eager kids complete with all the fixings. He joined his Kappa fraternity brothers in a very worthwhile event.

“I’m here to help and it’s important because we live in a country like ours we should always have food security and we’re just going to do our part on this day to make sure every family has a turkey in their oven and food in their pantry. And we should do this more often and we’re going to continue to do it, “said Attorney Thurston.

Jacqueline Sheppard, a longtime volunteer at this event, shared why she helps out year after year.

“I’ve been a volunteer for years helping the Kappa Foundation feeding the 500 for five years now. Michael Rhett and actually I were working with the Rhett Foundation and they thought that I would be a great asset. We’re just good people helping people.”

Beckina Murzike previously lived in Golden Acres back in the 1960’s when it was known as the Pompano Migrant Labor Camp, named because those who resided there were the families who worked the farms picking whatever crops were in season. Gone are those days but some of those who lived there, including Murzike, still are around. She is a resident of the Golden Acres Community.

“These people here today help the homeless and provide food for those in need all over town. I think it’s wonderful what they’re doing here today. This shows God is blessing everybody in town.” She was on hand to take part in the festivities and brought her grandchildren with her, including her grand-daughter Jasmine.

Jasmine, an eighth grader at Cypress Run Middle School joined her grandmother for all the festivities which included hot dogs and hamburgers strait of the grill. “Me and my friends had a lot of fun playing games and eating hotdogs and hamburgers!”

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