Ki sa kap dekole Haiti? What will it take to set Haiti free?

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ki-sa-kap-dekole-haitiKi sa kap dekole Haiti? What will it take to set Haiti free?

Artist Jean-René Jérôme

Shirley Thimothee-Paul, RN, MSN, CCRN, FCCS

I imagine that in this present day Haiti is feeling the weight of defeat. Like a golfer who has lost his swing, a baller who lost his drive or a singer who lost her voice. Roaming the streets like she would have been better off had she never known the bliss of success.

There was a time when the streets of Haiti were so clean you could lay in the middle of it at night, look up into the sky, see the stars so close you believe you could reach out and touch them. You could then stand up, dust your shoulders off and go about your way as clean as a rain drop before it touched the earth.

People would be up before sunrise, getting their children ready for school, clothes clean and pressed. Street vendors would be already passing with fresh baked bread, warm and thick, eggs fresh off the farm. Helpers sweeping the front way passage, because people wouldn’t be caught dead with a filthy home or their children going to school unclean or wrinkled.

People would prepare for the day and go to work for the money to vacation to places a-broad only to shop and come back to the calm and sanctity of their home. There was prestige amongst them, one that even those with the most meager of means possessed.

It’s that prestige that was the voice of Haiti; that sound, that vibration, like the beat of a drum that could wake up the ancestors of her people and make them behave like the kings and queens that they once were.

Now with her voice lost some-where in the passing gene-rations, she sits in sadness and listens to the gun shots as they ring in the city and take the lives of the innocent. She rocks back and forth and cries out like a mother who has lost her child while she watches people beg on the street for a morning’s serving of food. She cradles her body in despair like a woman of the night, lost and humiliated knowing that this is what her life has amounted to. She shakes her head at the judging on lookers and thinks to herself, “Only if you could have seen me then, you would not look down on me, you would not look at my people and feel pity”. “If you could have seen me then, you would bow your head to me and greet me with respect, because I was and still am of royalty”.

The question still remains though, what will it take to free her?  Where will she find her voice? Where will she find her swing and her drive?  Will she find them in the house that holds the family of leaders that have taken an oath to do right by her and somehow forgot that oath once the crisp feel of new money touched their skin? Will she find them in the judgment filled offerings of her neighboring countries? Where will she find what has been lost and find her freedom?

So still rocking back and forth she looks up, she looks to sky and the massive mountains in the distance and watches the sunrise, she speaks in her heart to the God that she knows, the only God that can open her eyes and ears again and slowly she hears that sound and feels that vibration… that sound that only those of her land could recognize, that sound that only those of royal blood can recognize.

So Haiti stands now renewed and restored with determination, and so do the million a-broad that heard the sound and those who within the country that felt their hearts race as they could have sworn something passed over them.

That something being the spirits of royalty and the feeling of honor and integrity that our ancestors naturally possess. Now passed down to a new generation, a generation that has seen and experienced miracles that will be documented for an eternity and will use those miracles and the knowledge of today to bring back the long lost prestige, and when that prestige is back Haiti will find her voice again and she will sing, she will sing with a voice like no other. She will produce a sound that only the heavens know. Knowing for once and for all she is free, free of greed and all the damage that it has done to her.

Haiti already knows the answer; it is us that haven’t been able to shut out the noise of the present day to hear the call of vibration of our ancestors to capture the force that will set the flow of our blood in motion and produce the energy we need to break the chains that have kept her in bondage for so long. The answer has been right here all along, can you hear it?

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