Lesson from a Butterfly

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Lesson from a Butterfly
Lesson from a Butterfly

Lesson from a Butterfly

By marsgyrl

      It has often been said that anything worth having is worth working for…but that’s only part of the equation. I say: anything worth having is worth struggling for, suffering for, and sacrificing for. Even a beautiful butterfly has to experience all three. You see a caterpillar’s body is full of an excessive amount of fluid. When it is ready to leave the cocoon, it creates a tiny opening in the chrysalis.  Over the next few days, the pupa exhibits immense perseverance as she squeezes, pushes, and forces her over-sized body through that tiny hole. At the end of the process, she emerges with two beautiful wings and the ability to take flight.  There is a story of a man who once tried to “help” the caterpillar through this process. Seeing the pupa struggle and force his way through the opening, the man ripped open the cocoon to free him. Within hours, the butterfly died and her wings never expanded. Why? Because the process of that caterpillar struggling and pushing through the small opening forced the fluid out of his body and into his wings. So by the time he completely emerges, his body is lithe and light and his wings are fully operational. By trying to ease his suffering the man actually killed him. The struggle was essential to the transformation! So every time you look for an easy way out, you are killing your own process of human transformation. Stop expecting the process to be easy… develop perseverance like the caterpillar so that you too can have beautiful wings.

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