A letter to my grandson Binki

A letter to my grandson Binki

     I feel your pain and I know you have been hurt in many ways but I have always loved you. Do not let the pain and events from your past define the wonderful man you will become in the future; believe that with God’s Love and my love, we offer you strength, wisdom, knowledge and, above all, love. Although the wounds from your past may soon heal, the scars will remain forever; do not let those scars define who you are nor who you can become, but look at those scars as badges of honor that you survived and go on to be the wonderful young man I always knew you would be from the day you were born. Make me proud. Make the nation proud. Remember, attitude means everything. I may not have a lot to leave you, but the most precious gift of all, is my love. Remember, forgiveness is “Power”. Revenge is for God.

Eternal Love,



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