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License to kill?

Nicole Nutting

Nicole Nutting

License to kill?

By Nicole Nutting

Just when we think we’ve seen the worst that humankind can dream up,

along comes another thoroughly despicable concept.  Are you aware that there is now insurance coverage available in case of shooting someone?

The National Rifle Association, in partnership with insurers Chubb and Lock Affinity, recently introduced a plan to protect those involved in a “self-defense” shooting. Coverage includes bail, criminal defense, gun replacement, clean-up service at the scene, and 24-hour legal guidance. Heck, why WOULDN’T you shoot someone?! Pay to play, and take a chance. If the powerful NRA lawyers can make a murder charge disappear, this insurance could be viewed as lots of “bang for the buck”.

To me, the concept of shooting insurance resembles a license to hunt big game. I can envision untold numbers of wanna-be vigilantes coming out of the woodwork. Who knows, maybe the Neo-Nazi organizations will suddenly decide their rallies have been too peaceful lately. Bloodshed seems not just inevitable but virtually encouraged.

Years ago scientists conducted experiments to discover how many lab rats could co-exist in an environment of a given size. Sure enough, once the rat population reached critical mass the rats started killing each other off. Is that what we’ve come to in American society?

Has overpopulation stretched our tolerance and good will beyond the breaking point?

If so, it’s the White power structure and Second Amendment wingnuts who will be handling the population control. We all know who they would choose to pick off first. Those of us in “stand your ground” states had better grow extra eyes in the backs of our heads right quick, because there is now one less restraint in play.

I certainly don’t advocate violence, but I do entertain one amusing fantasy: if thousands of people of color suddenly joined the NRA and purchased such insurance, wouldn’t that just scare the bejeebers out of THEM! A level playing field—imagine that.

Meanwhile, please be mindful of the new threat. This “license to kill” may be coming to your neighborhood soon, and we already have far too many martyrs.


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