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Local inspirational teacher, Brenton Owen Wan, dies at 60

Brenton-Owen-WanLocal inspirational teacher, Brenton Owen Wan, dies at 60

By Dedrick D. Henry, Sr.

The South Plantation English teacher of eight years was described by his students and peers as a quiet, strong and very inspirational individual. On July 25, Wan died of cancer, a day after his 60th birthday. Wan earned his degree in theology from West Indies College in Jamaica and his master’s in communications at Florida International University in 1997. Having documented his childhood and adolescent years due to his love for photography along with his Jamaican culture and American traditions tied to knowledge and his love for others were over-exceeding.

Having lived next to the love of his life and dated her for four years while growing in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Wan chose to marry, Yvonne June Dalley, in 1979. And in this union they had two sons, Kearey and Andrew. The two grew in every aspect of a true and sincere relationship from friends to life partners having endured each other for 35 years of true love. They moved to South Florida and raised their children in Miramar, Fla. During his fight with cancer Wan made an emotional and motivational speech to Keary, his son, and his gratefulness of being there to be apart of the wedding.

Wan was greatly adored at South Plantation and will truly be missed, his inspiration was truly his best characteristic, he motivated and inspired. Wan is survived by his wife, sons and in-laws, his mother, Lasil Hyacinth Wan, and brothers Cornell, Frederick and Orville.



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