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Loretta Devine says her new NBC comedy will tackle tough topics

Loretta-DevineLoretta Devine says her new NBC comedy will tackle tough topics

By Kristina Byas

Speaking of the taboo on television doesn’t always go over well for some shows. Ratings can drop, viewers may not agree with the topics or people just want to enjoy a good show and not think about controversial events in today’s world.

Loretta Devine is set to star in a new NBC comedy that plans to turn the taboo and unmentionable into the acceptable.

The Carmichael Show centers around Jerrod Carmichael, his decision to move in with his longtime girlfriend and what his parents think about his decision.

“I play his mother Cynthia,” Devine said at NBCUniversal’s recent press day. “A lot of it is based on his family, but it’s also sort of his way of looking at things.”

Although the show is a comedy, its plans to break the ordinary and really dive in to those taboo subjects that most TV shows avoid will set it apart from the others. A young man planning to move in with his girlfriend is the focus of the show, but the conversations will also reflect real-life in America. Topics like Ferguson and President Obama are two subjects that are expected to be discussed openly.

“Our intention is to talk about things, like to actually reflect the conversations that are being had in living rooms amongst families, amongst couples. The most important thing for us is to really be people that exist in the world.

“A lot of comedy seems so isolated and it seems removed from our daily realities, and it’s criminal not to talk about these things.

“It’s criminal not to reflect the real conversations that America is having especially at this time when it’s all about conversations,” executive producer Jerrod Carmichael told Hollywood Reporter.

Unlike most comedies on TV right now, people can actually relate to this. This cast not being afraid to go there and weigh in on the controversy in America isn’t a bad thing at all.

People sharing their thoughts on social media was a start, but now the thoughts and feelings are being expressed on a popular network during prime time television.

Starring alongside Divine, will be David Alan Grier, Amber West and Jerrod Carmichael.

The Carmichael Show will premiere date Wednesday, August 5.

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